Time Flies!


Wow it’s been a busy 4 weeks! I was trying to blog weekly but we see how that worked out! I have a full house this month and I’m also trying to prepare for summer shows alongside keeping the pots cycling through the kiln on a regular basis! Here’s what’s been happening at KB Studios:

Mid City Nutrition Donation

We had a lovely little donation for Mid City Nutrition’s Empty Bowls Event. Thank you so much to my students and colleagues who helped glaze a bowl!

Bowls created for Mid City Nutrition’s Empty Bowls Event

Creativity at Full Tilt

My students are just rocking out the pottery! I had to purchase additional bats for the studio to keep up! So proud of my students and so excited to be able to provide a creative space for newcomers and those who just wanted to get back on the wheel after years away.

Studio Work at KB Studios in Port Huron, Michigan

Pottery Party

I hosted my first pottery party at KB Studios (part 1 of 2) and we had a great time! I had 3 wheel throwers and 2 handbuilders who all produced work to glaze! Time to get those pieces in the kiln for part 2 of 2, the glazing session.

Painting Class

My special Tuesday art class for Ms. K is proving to be a great creative outlet for her! We are supplementing her art education with after school classes and trying different mediums and techniques. We just completed an acrylic painting of her favorite animal, the sloth!

Sloth Painting

Last but not least, critters

These little critters take a long time to make but they are so darn cute- I hope shoppers this summer will love them as much as I do. They are perfect for air plants or baby succulents. I’m busy creating a zoo full of animals to display at shows.

Mini Succulent Planters

June Classes Will be Posted Soon!

I have a few commitments for the month of June, including teaching at 4-H Exploration Days, as well as attending a Raku Workshop at Runyan Pottery and also preparing for the St. Clair Art Show. I will post the schedule as soon as possible! Until next time!