What is the difference between ceramics and pottery?

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To begin with, pottery is a ceramic item. But not all ceramics are pottery. Ceramics is a broad term that describes the manufacturing of items from nonmetallic elements (clay) that are fired to high temperatures. Ceramics aren’t just dishes. There are many industrial applications such as electrical insulators, sanitary ware (commodes, sinks), even things like artificial coral reefs! But we … Read More

Is pottery easy to learn?


Top Questions I get asked in the pottery studio I’ll be honest, throwing on the wheel isn’t easy. But it’s not exceptionally hard. Over the years, I’ve never had a student walk out of a class with at least a few “keepers”. Learing the basic premise of throwing can be achieved in my 5 week class. Learning to feel the … Read More

Spring Classes


March and April classes are now scheduled! I have a new class starting in March, a 9 week session. This will be an opportunity for me to teach a more well-rounded session, including handbuilding and more advanced decorative techniques. The 4 week beginner class is basically a crash course in wheel throwing and perfect for those wanting to simply give … Read More

Christmas at the Studio Sale


As usual i’ve been busy busy getting ready for a mini show at the studio on December 12th! A collaboration with Lisa Mac Candles is happening (and i’m super excited) involving custom pottery containers and amazing soy candles! Those will be available at the sale. Ornaments galore are in the works, along with mugs & bowls. Lisa Mac will also … Read More

A Busy Studio


The last three weeks have been extremely busy at KB Studios! I’ve been teaching every night after work and also working on my projects on the weekend. My kiln is getting a work out! Here’s a look at projects from the last few weeks: There’s only one spot left in my monthly classes, a Thursday slot starting this upcoming week. … Read More

Cheers to 2 years!


I just celebrated two years in my Port Huron studio! Even with the ups and downs, I can’t imagine life without my little corner spot. The magic hasn’t worn off yet, in fact i’m even more grateful that I have a space to create and teach in, in fall of 2020. I’m also thankful for all of the students i’ve … Read More

Fall Classes & Re-Opening


Wow… what a crazy last few months… I’ve been slowly re-opening the studio after an abrupt stop to everything due to COVID-19 and also trying to deal with the cancellation of every art fair under the sun. Classes. Adapting to COVID-19 has been challenging. In order to create enough space around students, class size will now be limited to 2 … Read More

Thinking Spring


Hello everyone! I’ve been so busy since the holidays… I thought I was going to have a slight break but that hasn’t happened yet. I’ve had full classes since the beginning of January, have been prepping bowls for Mid City Nutrition’s Empty Bowl Fundraiser, and racking my brain for new products for the year. In addition, I am doing a … Read More

Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!


One year on the south side October marked one year of studio life at 1935 Bancroft. These last 14 months have been amazing. Having the separate space, equipment and storage has been an unbelievable upgrade, allowing me to progress as an artist more rapidly than I thought was possible. I’m making my goal list for 2020, including things like increasing … Read More

DIY Street Fair/Hello Fall!


DIY Review This was my first year participating in the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, Michigan, and my last outdoor show for the year. I prepped non-stop between the Lexington Fine Arts Fair and last week getting ready for what was supposed to be the biggest show of the year for me. DIY lasts 3 days, running Friday night 6pm … Read More