Spring Classes


March and April classes are now scheduled! I have a new class starting in March, a 9 week session. This will be an opportunity for me to teach a more well-rounded session, including handbuilding and more advanced decorative techniques. The 4 week beginner class is basically a crash course in wheel throwing and perfect for those wanting to simply give it a try. For a student who is interested in pursuing ceramics, the 9 week course is a great start. Click here to view the new classes! or view below!

more workspace!

My most recent project hasn’t been in clay – it was in tile. I recently converted my front room into another workspace. It was formerly a catch-all, sometimes stock room, sometimes retail space. The wheels have been moved to the front, leaving more space for students to work and making it easier to social distance. Here’s a pic right after I finished the floor:

the littlest pots

Minis are being stockpiled! I love making these little pieces of pottery. I don’t know if it’s the size or what. Seems that others like them as well!

wowsers… 1st class pieces below…

My two newest students are just doing amazing! These pots are from their first class. Unbelieveable! And I let them know that… this week coming up is only week 2 so I can’t wait to see what they make!

Trying to make artistic direction decisions

Not sure if this happens to everyone before show season but i’m having difficulty finding a direction to go in. The problem is that I have too many interests and have trouble honing in on one cohesive body of work. Seems like I just need to stop making notes and just do it. I like flowers. and I like flowers. seems good enough to me.

honored to be sharing my skills

I’ve been welcoming many new people to the studio from all over Southeastern Michigan! I’m happy to be able to provide a place where people can explore their artistic side and get out of the house for a little while. We all know this has been an extremely difficult time and being creative can help alleviate that. That is why we do art.

Until next time.