Recycling Clay, Art Show Applications and Putting Handles on Mugs


This week I committed to recycling all of my scrap clay in next month, in a spring cleaning effort. I do not have a pugmill, so that leaves me with the only option of soaking dried clay in a 5 gallon bucket of water, letting the clay slake and then mixing with a power drill. The liquid clay is then dumped on a plaster bat, which removes the moisture. After a couple of days, the clay is ready to be wedged and put back into use.

Clay drying out after being reconstituted
Clay is wedged and ready to be used again

Art Shows for 2019

I already have Lexington Fine Arts fair scheduled for August 3, 2019, and wanted to try the St. Clair Art Fair this year. I have attended this fair since I was a teenager and is one of the most highly regarded in the Blue Water Area. Fingers crossed that I get accepted! Artists travel from all over the state to display at this show, and it never disappoints. The location is beautiful in itself, as St. Clair is known for the longest fresh water boardwalk in the world. The St. Clair Inn is also nearing completion, so this year would be a great year to witness the renewal of one of my favorite little cities.

Attaching Handles to Mugs

I’ve been slowly getting back on the horse in regards to re-stocking after my two holiday events, and renovating my studio space. My goals are quite lofty for this summer’s fairs but I should be able to produce enough work if I keep up the pace! Here is a quick video of how I attach my handles to my wheel thrown mugs. Each handle is pulled, then is let to harden slightly, then attached with the slip and score method. Enjoy!