Carving Tiles, Making Glazes and the Periodic Table


I’ve been wanting to carve tiles for some time now – so I tested out my new slab roller and picked a design- A Lake Sturgeon. The sturgeon population of the St. Clair River is very special, and has been steadily growing in numbers. These amazing fish can live to be 100 years old, and grow to over 100lbs. Here is the result of my tile experiment:

Sturgeon Tile St. Clair River Michigan

Making Glazes

The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes by John Britt

My next project is to start making my own glazes, giving me more control over design and aesthetic of my pieces. I purchased raw materials from Runyan Pottery Supply last week and am ready to start mixing! I also bought a copy of John Britt’s Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes, as it’s been recommended by various other potters. After the first few chapters I would have to say it is extremely helpful and educational. This is also the first time I feel the need to have a periodic table at my disposal since college! Making glazes is lesson in chemistry and i’m ready to start learning!

Raw materials picked up from Runyan Pottery Supply in Clio, Michigan

DIY Street Fair in Ferndale

This will be my last application for major art fairs for the year, because after that i’ll be exhausted! The call for art just opened and I submitted an app! I haven’t ventured into the metro market yet but it looks pretty cool. I think I can take some of my more unusual pieces there and they would fit right in. These include things like grotesqueries, animal shaped succulent planters, essential oil pottery and beads, and liquor jugs. The average art/craft fair calls for mugs and serving bowls, and the occasional Christmas ornament. I love making those, but I really love sculpting and additive processes. Here’s a link to the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, Michigan.

That’s it for this week!