Brunch at Kate’s, First Firing and Eva Zeisel


Though it was cold and cloudy today in Port Huron, it turned out to be a productive and lovely day. First I stopped at Kate’s Downtown to grab “Pop Up Brunch” to go, and then headed to the studio. The kiln cycle takes 8.5 hours and it’s a great uninterrupted time to work on projects.

Quiche from Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, Michigan

Last week was the final week of Session 1 and my students glazed their pieces, so today’s firing was a Cone 6 glaze fire, reaching 2232 degrees Fahrenheit. Here’s a peek at what was inside the kiln:

A peek inside the glaze kiln

The kiln shut off about 9pm, so I should be able to open it tomorrow night and see how everything turned out!

Eva Zeisel: Inspiring me daily

Eva Zeisel was an Hungarian designer who was known for her playful, beautiful and simple work. These are fairly modern pieces that she designed for Hallcraft and I happened to pick up at a yard sale. I knew the shape as soon as I saw them, they are very distinct. I love the delicate flowers and swooping curves, just beautiful. I originally fell in love with Eva Zeisel when I started researching pieces that I inherited from my great grandpa’s mid-century bar. I own a fairly large set of cocktail glasses with the words “lo ball” printed all over them. Lo Ball is in quotations. This makes sense now knowing Eva’s aesthetic and apparent humor. There is a documentary available on Amazon called “Throwing Curves” and it is a must watch for anyone interested in her work. I can only hope to be a fraction as productive and prolific as she was!

Bowls by Eva Zeisel

Here’s a look at a couple beautiful bowls produced last week by my student M.B., otherwise known as =) The first is a Ramen bowl, and the second shows beautiful carving skills!

Student work
Student work

This month I only have a Thursday class, which will allow me some much needed time to throw for summer art shows. I’ll post pics as I move along!

Have a creative week!